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Our Doctors

Dr. Laura Skaates
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Dr. Troy Cross
Dr. Morgan Thompson

Relieve pain. Restore function.

No drugs. No surgery. Just focused, gentle, effective treatment designed to help you feel your best. If you have decided it's time to make a meaningful investment in your health, schedule a new patient chiropractic appointment today. 

On your first visit to SKAATES Family Chiropractic, you'll sit down with one of our doctors for a one-on-one consultation to discuss your symptoms and wellness goals, followed by a detailed examination. That's it. First visit done. It's that easy.


We employ a team approach to diagnosing, prescribing, and delivering quality rehabilitative care. Our doctors will take time after your first visit to consult, review your test results, diagnose your specific condition and, if you meet the basic requirements for chiropractic care, they will prescribe a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve your health objectives and address the underlying causes of your pain.


Your wellness prescription might include chiropractic adjustments, a targeted exercise program guided by our staff, and therapeutic massage provided by one of our licensed massage therapists.

The chiropractic component of your treatment will deliver subtle and repetitive adjustments to areas of your spine that have become immobile. Individual vertebrae that have lost their ability to move freely and independently are the underlying cause of most conditions we treat. Evidence-based chiropractic adjustments are designed to restore healthy mechanical function to your spine at a rate your body can naturally assimilate. 


Our goal is to get you out of pain quickly, to repair and stabilize your impaired musculoskeletal system, and to return you to normal and long-term health.

For over 20 years, the doctors at SKAATES Family Chiropractic have been consulting with patients of all ages to address a wide range of medical conditions. The majority of our new patients find us through word of mouth from existing patients, or through direct referrals from other medical practitioners who have come to appreciate the quality and effectiveness of the care we provide.


However you happened to find us, we welcome the opportunity to help address your specific concerns and get you started on a path to better health. 


Chiropractors provide some of the safest and
least invasive drug-free therapies available for
 problems like: back & neck pain, joint pain, recurring headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, pinched nerves, and other common  neuromusculoskeletal conditions that can prevent you from being your best.


A massage by a licensed massage therapist

is just what the doctor ordered. Patients love massage, and it is an excellent complement to chiropractic care. Massage helps to relax and retrain muscles that have been strained or atrophied over time by impaired and disfunctional body mechanics. 


SKAATES Family Chiropractic maintains an
in-network status with all major health insurance companies to ensure that every patient we treat can get the most out of any financial benefits available to them to cover their prescribed chiropractic care plan.

For patients with a more holistic view of health, and who might have wellness goals beyond wanting to be merely pain-free, we offer direct online access to the highest quality dietary supplements through our partnership with Metagenics.



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